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A Special Project of:
Minnesota FFA Foundation

 Supervised Agriculture Experience

What is a SAE?
A practical application of classroom concepts designed to provide real-life experiences and develop skills in an agricultural related area. You will gain hands on training in record keeping, goal setting, planning and evaluating.

The four types of SAE’s:
Exploratory- Experience the big picture of agriculture and its many related careers. Job shadowing is good for beginning students or those unsure about an interest area. Can also conduct a basic research paper for this type.

Research/Development- Conduct research using science process. Develop, plan, conduct, and analyze an experiment. Limitless possibilities.

Placement- Work for an agribusiness, laboratory, farm or ranch in the community. May be paid or done for the experience.

Entrepreneurship- Plan and operate an agricultural related business or enterprise.

Benefits of having an SAE:
You can: Explore Careers, Gain Experience, Earn Money, Improve Communication Skills, Develop Management Skills, Earn FFA Proficiencies and Awards! !

Potential SAE Topic Areas:
Ag Communication, Research, Ag Mechanics, Processing, Ag Sales, Production Agriculture, Service, Technology, Science, Floriculture, Management, Landscaping, Nursery, Outdoor Recreation, Home/Community Development, Turf, Forestry, Small Animal Care, Wildlife, Horticulture, Natural Resources, Animal Health, Job Placement, Ag Science Fair, and more!


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